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My chickens love it and readily scratch through the material on the coop floor. Terra-Shred is less dusty than hay or straw but like hay and straw, it stays dry in my coop and the birds readily lay eggs in nesting boxes lined with it. Terra-Shred makes a fine alternative to other types of bedding and takes advantage of a ready supply of single-use cartons that would otherwise head directly to the recycler or landfill. And that makes me happy! Hank Will Editorial Director, Mother Earth News

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COMPOSTABLE Packaging Material


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TERRA – SHREDTM is Compostable Packaging Material that is derived from post-consumer corrugated boxes.

It nests, bridges and absorbs impact when used as a Packaging Fill Material.

More Product Details

  • TERRA – SHREDTM not only replaces, but significantly improves on Peanut Foam and other fill materials in Performance along with Reduce, Reuse and Recycling practices.
  • TERRA – SHREDTM does not generate noticeable amounts of static electricity.
  • Did you know that TERRA – SHREDTM is Biodegradable, Recyclable and it can be Reused again and again as a Packaging Fill Material with only minor breakdown over time?
  • TERRA – SHREDTM can also be used as Pet Bedding and Compostable Material.
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  • Product rubbing together will produce minor amounts of dust, when using for shipping protect shipped items by wrapping in a plastic bag.
  • Industrial Shredders ltd. does not guarantee that packaged items using TERRA – SHREDTM will arrive undamaged. Please follow your shippers packaging guidelines, using this product as Packaging Fill.
  • Testing was conducted with readily available glassware, but more fragile items should be shipped with extra protection like double boxing and or a protective wrap.
  • TERRA – SHREDTM may contain minute amounts of adhesives, tape and print which may not be organic or biodegradable.
  • The enclosed TERRA – SHREDTM may look different than pictured due to availability of raw materials.