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We build complete systems that solve your
waste challenges from start to finish. 


Featured Product

Tissue Log Shredder

Industrial Shredders is proud to present THE American Made, Tissue Log Shredder that can be fully integrated inline with any system or process on your shop floor. This machine can reduce your overall tissue paper waste and labor costs by automatically redirecting scrap & mis-rolls into our shredder without labor intervention.

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American Made Since 1854

High to Low Capacity Shredders

Originally incorporated in 1854, Industrial Shredders, Ltd., based near Cleveland, Ohio, is a U.S. Manufacturing Company which produces high quality, innovative shredding and size reduction equipment.  If you can't find a shredder that's right for your application, call us, and we'll engineer one for you! We want to be your shredding solutions provider.

Industrial Shredders is a fully vertical manufacturing facility; special applications and product customization is our core competency. LEARN MORE

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