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About us

160+ Years of Experience

The beginning

Industrial Shredders was founded in 1854, under its original name: The Silver and Deming Manufacturing Co. In the beginning, the company built farm machinery. The IPS “Knife mill” shredders would shred corn, clover, straw for animal fodder and paper for the animal bedding.

The Knife mill shredders come in 5 various sizes with comparable horse power and strength and are custom built for specific applications ranging from tissue paper, office paper, newspaper, cardboard, white board, plastics, some food products, textiles and thin metals. The addition of a compressing top conveyor is optional. This conveyor system exerts powerful pressure to flatten bulky material or cartons, or cores and force feeds them into the shredder.

The 1950's - The Decade of the Slitter

In the 1950’s a “Slitter” shredder was introduced into the line of shredders. The “Slitter” principal shreds material into uniform strips using individual rotary discs, heat treated and knurled to assure positive security and consistent shred size.

The 1960's - The Rise of Combo Shredders

A need for industrial crosscut shredders was seen in the 1960’s and hence, the engineering team at IPS built a shredding system by combining the “Slitter” shredder as the front of the machine, allowing the material to be stripped into long strips and the “knife mill” attached to the back end which then took those strips and chopped them into pieces. These are what we now call the Combo shredder.

Industrial Shredders Today

The talented engineering and product development staff of Industrial Shredders continue to provide shredding solutions for any project. Whether document destruction or waste reduction, there is not a shredding project we will not pursue.

We carry a line of standard industrial shredders that feature various feed openings and lines of choppers, slitters, and combo machines.

If you're looking for something smaller, we sell a line of Dahle products for the Small Office and Department.

But what if you have a unique problem?

That's where we specialize. Industrial Shredders prides itself on coming up with unique, complete solutions that can solve all of your waste challenges. If you need a custom shredder, click below to get started!

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