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20 CS

  • Industrial Shredders Corrugated Core Shredder in Action

Turn your corrugated core into a moveable, reusable material with the cardboard core shredder system. 

Suitable for Shredding

  • Paper/Cardboard Cores
Material Infeed Configurable - standard 5" max 8"  OD  (manual infeed, inline with processing discharge conveyor)
Material Discharge Configurable (gravity dump/feed, duct transition)
Output single cut, specify
Safety Interlocks Emergency stop button, shredding hood interlock, shredding hood cover switches x2
Service Drop: 480V, 50 Amps or 240V, 110 Amps


Throughput Capacity 1 each 10 ft in 5 seconds

Machine Dimensions

Height 60"
Width 54"
Length 78"

Learn more about how an American-made core shredder can help you turn waste into profit:  

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