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Tissue Log Shredder



THE American Made, Tissue Log Shredder

Automating Recycling & Disposing of Non-Conforming Rolls in the Tissue Paper Industry

Industrial Shredders is proud to present our newest machine to revolutionize the tissue paper industry with an American-made, tissue log shredder that can be fully integrated inline with any system or process on your shop floor.

Our machine can reduce your overall tissue paper waste and labor costs by automatically redirecting scrap and rejected rolls into our shredder without labor intervention.

Features and Functions

  • Tissue Log Shredder 20-OD | Side View | Industrial Shredders
  • Tissue Log Shredder 20-OD | Back View | Industrial Shredders
  • Tissue Log Shredder 20-OD | Back View 2 | industrial Shredders
  • Tissue Log Shredder 20-OD | Front View | Industrial Shredders
  • Base model can be customized to fit with any system.
  • Custom conveyor length and adjustable infeed speed options
  • Can have separate controls system or integrate with overall plant or production line PLC  controls.
  • Shreds paper and cores that can be conveyed to recycling or repurposing areas.
  • Relatively small overall size can fit into many potential locations.
  • Shreds tissue/paper logs up to 8” in diameter.
  • Incorporates intelligent safety interlocks and e-stop
  • Average shred time is under 5 seconds.
  • Shearing of log rather than grinding – cleaner and more consistent cut with far less dust.
  • Shredder produces re-usable material to re-pulp
  • Manufacturer offers ongoing maintenance and sharpening services for rotary blade system.

Low noise generation. 

Optional Sound enclosure may be added for increased noise reduction (below 83 decibel in lab test).

Description Fixed Cut
Feed opening 20"
Particle Size 1/2"
Horsepower 30
Motor 3-Phase
Voltage 208-460


One Roll Shredded 5 Sec Approx.
Rolls/Hour 514 Approx.

Machine Dimensions

Height 49"
Width 42"
Length 81"
Weight 1850 lbs

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