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The Best Kept Secret in Industrial Shredding: High-Speed Shear Cut

The high-speed sheer cut shredder has unparalleled advantages. Learn how high-speed shear cut process compares to the low-speed, high torque process.


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It is easy to get overwhelmed with the various options available in the industrial shredding industry. If you simply search “industrial shredders” on the internet, you will find a list of shredding options including: horizontal hammermills, vertical hammermills, slow speed shear type shredders of single, dual, triple and quad shaft design, single shaft grinders of single or dual shaft design, granulators, knife hogs, raspers, mawlers, flails, crackermills, and refining mills.

What is not mentioned on most lists is the High-Speed Shear Cut shredder. Our high-speed sheer cut shredder is a unique shredding system with unparalleled advantage. In this blog, learn about the high-speed shear cut process and how it compares to the traditional low-speed, high torque process.

History of the High-Speed Shear Cut Shredder

The basis of high-speed shear cut technology was in a patent issued to The Silver Manufacturing Company of Salem, Ohio (an ancestor company of Industrial Shredders ltd.) on July 7th of 1903.  Industrial Shredders is proud to have such a rich history and to be building upon the proprietary technology that ancestor company designed more than a century ago.  

The High-Speed Shear Cut Process

Unlike other shredders on the market, this process has a single point shear contact between the rotary cutting blade and cutter bar. We refer to this precision cut as a “ninja-style cut” The blades are formed on a helix, which produces a cleaner cut; thus keeping the fibers intact and creating a stronger end product.

Low-Speed, High Torque Shredding

Most companies offer low-speed, high-torque shredding solutions. We refer to this as a “mastication type cut”. These systems use twin or triple offset shredder heads which crush or tear at the fibers of the material you are cutting. This is significant especially in the tissue industry where fibers are typically recycled and reweaved into paper and also in the corrugated industry for the same reasons. 

In our next two blogs, we will go into great detail about our high-speed shear cut shredders and their specific advantages in the tissue and corrugated industries. You’ll be amazed to see how our process has a greater recyclable yield and less disposable dust in comparison to other industrial shredders on the market. Wonder if we can shred your material? Do you require a specific size for your output or wish to recycle your end product? Click the contact us button below and engineering team will call you shortly. Or, simply call us at (330) 549-9960.



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