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VIDEO - Learn About Our Unique Corrugated Solution for a Fortune 100 Company

Watch how we helped one of our Fortune 100 clients make real progress toward "going green" by re-purposing their used corrugated boxes with our custom solutions

Our company prides itself on not just building shredding machines for paper and corrugated, but for developing solutions to help our customers save and/or make money. Learn how we did that for one of our Fortune 100 clients.


About The Video

One of our Fortune 100 customers wanted to make real progress toward "Going Green" by repurposing their used corrugated boxes and turning it into free packing material.  They had specific size requirements and also needed the final product to be virtually dust-free.  Through a solid two-way collaboration we developed a system that helped them shred large volumes of used boxes that were coming into their facilities regularly, at no cost, from their supplier base to create free packing material.  Not only did our customer gain great P.R. benefits for being environmentally responsible, but they also saw the opportunity to realize substantial savings in not having to buy peanuts, bubble wrap or other common packing products.  The payback period was minimal and the benefits were immediate.

If you are interested in how we can help YOU save money, please contact us today!

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