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TERRA – SHREDTM is Compostable Packaging Material that is derived from post-consumer corrugated boxes.

It nests, bridges and absorbs impact when used as a Packaging Fill Material.

More Product Details

  • TERRA – SHREDTM not only replaces, but significantly improves on Peanut Foam and other fill materials in Performance along with Reduce, Reuse and Recycling practices.
  • TERRA – SHREDTM does not generate noticeable amounts of static electricity.
  • Did you know that TERRA – SHREDTM is Biodegradable, Recyclable and it can be Reused again and again as a Packaging Fill Material with only minor breakdown over time?
  • TERRA – SHREDTM can also be used as Pet Bedding and Compostable Material.
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  • Product rubbing together will produce minor amounts of dust, when using for shipping protect shipped items by wrapping in a plastic bag.
  • Industrial Shredders ltd. does not guarantee that packaged items using TERRA – SHREDTM will arrive undamaged. Please follow your shippers packaging guidelines, using this product as Packaging Fill.
  • Testing was conducted with readily available glassware, but more fragile items should be shipped with extra protection like double boxing and or a protective wrap.
  • TERRA – SHREDTM may contain minute amounts of adhesives, tape and print which may not be organic or biodegradable.
  • The enclosed TERRA – SHREDTM may look different than pictured due to availability of raw materials.