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Reel Cutter / Chop Cut


Conveyor Fed, Fixed Cut.

The IS 40RC-F is equipped with two limit switches for operational safety. The first switch is located behind the Plexiglas shield located above the conveyor. If any object thicker that the opening goes under the shield it will stop all motors. The second switch is located beneath the hood of the rotating reel cutter. If the hood is lifted during operation the machine will stop all motors.

Suitable for Shredding

  • Paper/Cardboard
  • Plastics (hard and soft)
  • Foam
  • Product Destruction
Description Conveyor Fed, Fixed Cut
Feed opening 40"
Particle Size single cut, specify
Security Level 2, 3
HP *25-1


#Sheet/Pass 1200
Feet/Min 100
Lbs/Hour 5400 @ 1/4"

Machine Dimensions

Height 44"
Width 61"
Length 80"
Weight 2700 lbs

Shipping Dimensions

Height 51"
Width 64"
Length 88"
Weight 2750 lbs

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