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How a Tissue Log Shredder Can Save Money For Toilet Paper Production Manufacturers

Using a Tissue Log Shredder to help manage mis rolls and waste for toilet paper manufacturers and offer recycling opportunities.

In any production process, in any industry, you have scrap, overrun or non-compliant material and consequently, you have waste. You cannot avoid it. Even on the most finely tuned machines with the best talent and expertise in the world, you will have some product that cannot be used for production and figuring out how to manage that is a priority for any manufacturer.


In the tissue paper industry, where 84 million rolls of toilet paper are produced each day, there is an enormous amount of production to manage. Within those massive global production numbers are "miss rolls," or rolls that do not pass production standards during the manufacturing process. There can be various reasons for a run to not be up to standards such as normal start-up, a bad roll size, a tear, poor seam lick, machine maintenance or operator error, etc. Whatever the reasons, toilet paper manufacturers have to find a way to handle these miss rolls.

A Tissue Log Shredder is a machine that is specifically designed to shred tissue paper roll waste on the production line. The best machines can shred one roll up to 10" every 5 seconds with little or no assitance from a human operator (if incorporated into the lines automation, no interaction is neccessary other than regular maintenance). The shredder creates reusable material that can be re-pulped by a tissue paper manufacturer. They can even be custom designed to fit right into an automated production line so that mis rolls can be easily redirected into the shredder and cut down to half inch role slits. Once the material has been shredded down, the toilet paper manufacturer can easily dispose of the waste or reuse it for recycling efforts. The shred material is easily air handled to another location in the plant, either to be baled or re-processed.

By Recycling 1 ton of paper you save:

  • 17 trees
  • 6953 gallons of water
  • 463 gallons of oil
  • 587 pounds of air pollution
  • 3.06 cubic yards of landfill space
  • 4077 Kilowatt hours of energy

If a recycling plan is put into place for the mis rolls, toilet paper manufacturers could drastically reduce their disposal costs on miss rolls while also being environmentally conscious about using all the paper they manufacture whether it is suitable for production at the time or not. With the right Tissue Log Shredder and a custom solution to fit their production needs, this is now economically viable for many companies.

Learn more about how we turned waste into profit for one company from this case study:

Download - Turn Your Waste Into Profit - An Industriral Shredders Case Study


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